Courthouse Music is an international production company within music, film and dance. Now and then, concerts are given in the wonderful acoustics of the old court hall. The Courthouse is built right next to the beautiful river Ångermanälven in Nyland, not far from Kramfors, Mid-Sweden.

Helén Lundquist-Dahlén is a choir instructor, conductor and church musician. She has studied for prof. Erik Westberg and prof. Eric Ericsson among others. She is a major force and motor in the music scene in Mid-Sweden with productions as Jesus Christ Superstar 1998, Dido and Aeneas, Kulturnatt 1996, 1998 and 1999 as well as Mittnordiska kulturmanifestationen - Pilgrimsfestivalen 2000. Since 2011 she holds the position as headmaster at Kapellsberg Musiklinje, Härnösand. Helén is co-founder of Courthouse Musicand also the chairman of Tingshusets Vänner (Society of friends of the courthouse).



Fredrik Högberg is one of the most noticed composers in Sweden today, as well as internationally. In 1997 he finished his diploma-studies for prof. Jan Sandström at Musikhögskolan in Piteå. The same year the chairman of the Swedish parliament also honored him with the "Skapande människa" (creative-man) award. Since then he has been awarded several times. 2014 he was nominated to the Nordic Council Music Prize. Fredrik is a co-founder and the executive director of the Courthouse Music corporation; he also lives in the Courthouse. 2012 he earned a licentiate of philosophy at the University of Luleå.

Håkan Dahlén is one of Sweden’s foremost organists and studied with prof. Olle Scherwin and prof. Torvald Torén at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and with prof. Hans-Ola Ericsson at the Piteå School of Music. He was the assistant organist in the Härnösand Cathedral 1990-2003. Since 2003 he holds the position as organist in the Church of Själevad and teaches at Mellansels Folk High School. Håkan is one of the founders of Lilla Orgelakademin (Little Organ Academy), the organ society Vox Humana and the annual festival OrgelSpelen (Organ Games). Håkan Dahlén is a major force in the cultural life of Scandinavia and an appreciated soloist and chamber musician. He has performed in a variety of constellations not only with other musician but dancers and artists as well. Håkan has premiered numerous works by among others Jan W. Morthensson, Peter Lyne and Fredrik Högberg. In 2005 he released the highly acclaimed recording Bellows & Pipes (CMCD010) with fellow musician, accordionist Jörgen Sundequist. Håkan Dahlén is one of the co-founders of Courthouse Music.